Jim Tracy is NOT my home boy!

The Colorado Rockies are on pace to lose over 100 games and the sole blame rests upon management.  Dan O’Dowd has done nothing since 1999 and Jim Tracy is an absolute terrible manager.  The last few games the players all walk out to their positions, they don’t hustle anywhere.  There is no passion or effort.  Fans have had enough they are starting to get restless.  Since Tracy took over the team won 92 in 09, and then 83 in 2010 followed by 73  in 2011.  And now they will be lucky to win 60.  

This is one of the better lineups in all of the majors yet the Rockies continue to fail with runners in scoring position and have a serious problem with infield pop outs.  We knew pitching would be a struggle but there is no reason for the defense and the offense to be so terrible.  It starts at the top and Jim Tracy and Dan O’Dowd don’t have a clue.  Tracy’s decisions baffle me on a daily basis.  The other day he uses his entire bench by the 7th inning and has a chance for the win in the 9th but has to pinch hit a hitter with a hitter.  Disgracy shouldn’t even be the manager of a little league team.  He has no standards for his players and doesn’t seem to care at all about the lack of effort.

Last year Jim Tracy would frequently say that there was still plenty of time to turn the season around and he wasn’t worried.  He continued to say this through August when it was clearly over.  He is doing the same thing now.  Newsflash Jim, the time is NOW, not in a month, or 50 games from now.  For most managers nothing is ever good enough, for Tracy anything is good enough, you struck out 4 times in the game, hey at least you didn’t strike out 5.  He is an embarrassment to the game and it’s time for him to go.  

In order for the Rockies to even have a chance they need to win around 90 games, that would mean they would have to close out the season 75-44.  Which means that just over halfway through May the season is over.  Congrats Tracy, “Year of the Fan” not having anything to root for.  I still love my Rockies, but on this day I am ashamed to be a fan.  If something has not happened by June 1, I will be shocked.  

Let the fans be heard: 




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