2012 MLB Predictions

Just thought I would start off with my 2012 MLB predictions, going out on a limb this year!

1. Tigers
2. Angels
3. Yankees
Wildcard – Rays over Rangers
ALDS – Tigers over Rays  Angels over Yankees
ALCS – Tigers over Angels
1. Dodgers
2. Reds
3. Marlins
Wildcard – Rockies over Diamondbacks
NLDS – Dodgers over Rockies Reds over Marlins
NLCS – Dodgers over Reds
World Series – Tigers over Dodgers in 6
AL ROY – Jesus Montero
AL Pitcher ROY – Matt Moore
AL MVP – Albert Pujols
AL CY Young – Felix Hernandez
Comeback Player – Adam Dunn
HR Champ – Jose Bautista
NL ROY – Wilin Rosario
NL Pitcher ROY – Drew Pomeranz
NL MVP – Troy Tulowitzki
NL CY Young – Clayton Kershaw
Comeback Player – Jamie Moyer
HR Champ – Matt Kemp
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